Fall 2011- I'm looking forward to working in this cooler weather!

Slideshow runs for about 10 minutes. Is it too long? I would love some feedback. It is a work in progress and the whole site will be going through changes in the next few months.

It seems a lot of couples had a Labor Day resolution to start taking their wedding planning seriously. I've had a lot of inquiries for April to October 2012. It always amazes me that in a week I can get inquiries for weddings that are 2 months away to 2 years! But I've alway beleived everyone should do it their way.

I am looking forward this fall to continuing with a wider range of photo assignments including photo shoots for colleges and schools, baby portraits, golf outings, corporate events, aerial photography as well as weddings.

Tip of the year:

Scale down center pieces and invest in custom lighting your reception room. It's amazing what an incredible look it can give to your photos and what an amazing atmosphere it sets for your guests.

A Groom in a nice suit looks just as good as one in a Tuxedo! I wish more men would opt out of the Tuxedo, although, finally tuxedos are showing up in a greater variety of styles. Still, I would love to see more men in suits that fit their personalities the way wedding gowns always seem perfect fit for the Bride!



Jeffrey Vock is a wedding photographer with 20 years experience. He was part of the movement that helped popularize wedding photojournalism. Based in Jersey City, Hoboken, Hudson County area, Jeffrey Vock photographs weddings and events mostly in the New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Jersey Shore, Westchester, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area . He is also available for destination weddings. In addition to weddings, Jeffrey Vock does Bar Mitzvah photography, editorial, corporate and PR photography. He is available for family and corporate portraiture as well as head shots for models, actors and social networking.